About Us

Mufflers To The Max has been a long standing mechanical and exhaust company on the Gold Coast and over the years established a very loyal following.

The company is taking a new direction in 2019 with some performance and custom added services taking on new staff with high skillsets in fabricating and custom work adding to our already impressive services within the mechanical and exhaust industry.

As a part of our new initiative adding onto our already specialist performance and Standard exhaust fitment these new services will just give us a wider range of work and services we can provide our customers.

 Our mechanical services include full log book servicing of all makes and models of vehicles including with full diagnostic services with state of the art blue tooth scan tools.

The company has just completed its first year anniversary under new ownership, Pete & Glenys Levien owner operators have made the Gold Coast home with family and grandkids on the Coast also along with the business this has made for a great lifestyle move. You would have noticed the changes in the company premises with the building now wearing a new look in black along with new branding and company apparel. 

Some background-Pete has had a career that has given him a wide experience in many fields, with a sound business knowledge after starting several companies from scratch and building them into profitable and professionally run entities. Brought up in a family run earthmoving business and transport company, this gave Pete valuable experience and a sound mechanical knowledge in heavy diesel mechanics and engineering which led into starting his own companies down the track.

Pete gained long standing experience working as a professional driver in the earthmoving industry, logging and logging transport, wine tankering, storage and freight, licensed crane operator operating truck mounted cranes of his own ,strating and owning a wine storage and bottling company, residential and commercial lawncare business and gained vast experience in the building and development industry. 

Purchasing 澳洲幸运10信誉平台|澳洲10开奖结果 has allowed Pete to pursue his love of performance cars and automotive accessories, with the plan to always move the business in the direction of being a full custom workshop for performance cars and pickups.  Growing up in a family that loved anything with a V8, performance modifications to these vehicles was just a given. Curcuit and drag racing was a family tradition going to stockcar events as a family night out with the smell of racing fuel and the taste of hot chips and hotdogs a staple diet, you could say horsepower and everything that goes with that was bred into the family from a young age.


澳洲幸运10信誉平台|澳洲10开奖结果 Services

-Engine building services specialising in performance setups for hotrods, street cars and race cars

-Carburetor- rebuilding and tuning

-Mechanical repairs- covering anything mechanical with the vehicle

-Suspension- supply, fitment and setup of coil overs, lowering springs and lift kits

-Brakes-we supply and fit all performance brake upgrades and std fitment. brake setups

-Wheel alignment-comprehensive setup incl customer printouts

-Performance Exhaust- supply and fitment of performance exhaust systems , turbo-back, engine-back,cat-back and axle-back setups. We are dealers for Xforce, Magnaflow, Pacemaker, Hurricane, Mercury, Redback Xtreme and King Brown 4x4 systems.

-Performance Parts- We supply and fit all performance parts, headers, intake manifolds, air intakes, carburetors, whipple superchargeers etc...

-Dyno Tuning- we organise tuning on all vehicles that have had engine back systems and hi-flow cat assemblies installed

-Fabrication & Design-  We offer full fabrication and design services from chassis fabrication, suspension bracket fabrication and full setup, diff work and setups, roll cage fabrication

-Hotrod and race car consignment builds- full design and fabrication from the ground up on all chassis ,work including brake and suspension setups right through to engine and transmission builds, to turn key setups. Your design or ours, we work with the customer to achieve the right spec and get the build nailed to perfection

-Towbars-supply and fitment of Hayman Reece, Tag, and BTA bars including wiring.


Our Team

Pete Levien- Owner Operator / CEO,  runs the management side of the company, front desk, social media and advertising. Pete is a very driven and innovative person always looking for new products to offer the customer, changing and impovising new systems and operating prcactises to manage the company more efficiently and provide a better safer working enviroment for the staffand having fun while doing it.  Efficiency, productivity and customer service is the driving passion of the company moving forward. 

Glenys Levien- Owner/Administration/Accounts: Glenys has had a long career in transport, logistics, freight forwarding and administration, this coupled with her awesome customer service skills brings a real depth to the team. A real problem solver. She heads up the accounts side of the business and works along side Pete with all managerial duties and the day to day running of the company.

Adam Lee- Trade Qualified Mechanic: Adam has 22 years experienced after working and training at Toyota, then spending many years working as suspension technician at Pedders.  Adam runs our Road worthy certifications, all mechanical work, wheel alignments, tyre fitting and balancing and exhaust systems when needed. Adams skills compliments our workshop capabilities.

Josh Badke- Workshop Manager-Custom Exhaust Builder and Fitter:15 years plus of custom exhaust building and fitment see's Josh as a very respected fitter in the exhaust game. Josh has very sound mechanical and welding skills such as Mig, Tig, Mild, Stainless and alloy. Josh looks after all our custom builds for clients offering advise and technical knowledge to the customer to help their decision on the final build spec. He has a sound knowledge of the automotive industry in his field and is a valued member of our team.

Mack Williams- Exhaust Fitter: Mack comes from an engineering and welding background in Hamilton working for a local steel mill. Having both mig and tig welding experience, Mack has an attention to detail and very sound work ethics. A pleasure to work with and a hard working team member.                                                         

Staff Overview- The company prides itself on its staffs ability to work as a team, to achieve the work to a very high standard and complete the work load in front of them  to time restraints set by the customer.

Customer service and quality control is paramount as a directive from management.